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Collection and Use of Personal Data

The Company may process your information including your name, gender, address, contact number, date of birth, email address, identity card or passport and/or other personal data that relates to you. Please be informed that the processing of your personal data is obligatory where it is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party to and for compliance with certain legal obligations. The Company may also collect, store and use your personal data, if volunteered by you for purposes of administration, product surveys, market research, marketing and promotions and/or responding to your enquiries.


If you do not consent, or in the event you decide to withdraw or limit your consent to any of the above-mentioned purposes, kindly inform the Company in the communications or email your request to us. However, please take note that the Company may not be able to provide you with the full range of services that may be of your interest or to your benefit if you decide to withdraw or limit your consent.


If you have any enquiries, complaints or would like to request access to view or correct your personal data or limit the processing of your personal data, please submit your request to: support@auctiondata.com.my