Welcome to Auction Data! The following are some FAQ about auction properties at iAuction…

1. What exactly is Auction Data?                                                                                                     

Auction Data is a comprehensive database of current and future auctions in the Malaysia. Our dedicated team constantly updates the source property’s details from auctioneers around the country as soon as the property is available.

2. So how do you find out what is coming up for sale?                                                           

Please log on into auctiondata.com.my to view the latest property for auction. At Auction Data,we do all the searching for you. We obtain the auction catalogues as soon as they become available and enter all the property details into Auction Data's database for you.

3. Which area of the Malaysia is covered by Auction Data                                                          

AuctionData's coverage is for the whole Malaysia. We display more than 30,000 auction properties from all over Malaysia every year for the best coverage!!

4. How often is the AuctionData's site being updated?                                                               

Every day!! We are adding the property details on a daily basis to ensure that the property’s information is available for you as soon as we have obtained the same.

5. How many auctions are held each year?                                                                                       

The numbers of auctions to be held by each auctioneer varies from the number of auction property that an auctioneer have and also subjected to number of properties available at each auction. 

6. Where can I get the property information?                                                                           

You have few options: -  

  1.  Either you get the catalogues from each individual auctioneer;          
  2.  Read through each daily newspapers;                                                            
  3.  Join iauctiondata for property details for daily update on all areas in Malaysia.

7. I am only interested to purchase a property in my locality (for example Kuala Lumpur), do I only need to contact my local auctioneers to request for catalogues of all properties in my area?                                                                                                     

Not necessarily!! Some of the larger auctioneers do sell properties located in all areas of Malaysia in their auction. For example, a house for sale in Negeri Sembilan could in fact be being sold by an auctioneer in Kuala Lumpur!! Auction Data solves this problem by providing a comprehensive search which covered the State and District search so that you can find properties at all sales, not just local within each locality’s auction.

8. So how can I make sure that I don’t miss any properties in my area?                                

That’s easy! Join Auction Data for free!! We have all the property details from all over Malaysia in a single database by a click of mouse, to make your searching easy. This is a most convenient way to ensure that you do not miss a single property no matter where it is being sold.